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Construction terms, in residential home building, are usually lost on the average home buyer. Let’s relate the importance of a vapour barrier to your family’s health along with some projections.

Many health conditions are aggravated by relative humidity.  For instance if you have asthma, you may have heard that you should move to the desert. Arizona or Los Vegas come to mind.  The same is true of arthritis.  What these conditions and many others have in common is that they almost disappear in a dry arid climate.  This is exactly what the proper installation of a vapour barrier in a residential home approximates.

Vapour barriers allow you to comfortably control the relative humidity of your home.  If you suffer from a condition that is aggravated by high humidity, and Montreal is legendary for its high relative humidity, you need a home with a properly installed vapour barrier. It will allow you to stay healthy and increase your longevity all other factors aside.

If you take home as health regeneration environment to its logical conclusion, the next step after having control of the relative humidity of your home with a properly balanced HVAC system, is to control the barometric pressure. There are many health related conditions that are aggravated by barometric pressure. By including doors, windows and other opening devices that can be pressurized, you eliminate head aches and other health conditions related to barometric pressure. Windows and doors that can be pressurized are not actually available yet. I am merely speculating, but it will become available due to the filtering of technologies.  Planes and high speed trains are pressurized, the technology exists but the general public isn’t aware of how these devices can benefit them.

In the future intelligent devices will detect your blood pressure and heart rate and will analyze your state of health and follow your condition and adjust to your mood. Your home will be able to create an environment that contributes to your well being and increases your longevity.  Integrated systems will respond in unison and will be able to provide an optimal environment for a party, studying, dinning, conversing and sleeping.

Imagine, you get up and your home begins to heat the radiant floor that leads to your bathroom, it pre-heats the water and detected that your sleep wasn’t restful, your home then keeps the luminosity at the appropriate level until you are more awake say to dress; at which time it increases the light so you can pick your daily wardrobe. Then it warms the path to your kitchen so you and your significant other and family can have breakfast all the while monitoring the daily news for anomalies and alerting you of pertinent information before you leave home.

The home as concierge is not very far away, the question; will your designer be able to interpret your needs. The home of the future can allocate resources to necessary conditions and help you have an optimal regenerative experience.

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